My TOP 200 Song List



(Part 1)

A list…of technically excellent pieces of music with a touch of nostalgia and complete and utter subjectivity. 

As stated, I am basing this list on memorability and my nostalgia factor. This list is not meant for you to agree with, this list is not meant to match anyone else’s list, and this list is not your list, it is my list. Your list is most likely incredibly different. There are probably going to be a few songs on here that you have never heard of.

I am going to list the top 50 in order, and all songs after that will not have an order (unless I get really ambitious, which is unlikely).

I have a wide mix of genres here, because I listen to a wide mix of genres.

I have only elected to choose one song from any one artist (except in a few special cases).

So without further ado, prepare to either be pleased or pissed off, and know that I don’t give a single mother of fuck which one it is.

(If there are artists that I wish I could have featured more songs from, I will note this with an asterisk.)


1. Home Sweet Home – Motley Crue*

This song has been a part of my life since I was in middle school. I remember driving through Minneapolis one night with my grandmother…just listening to this as I watched the city lights go by…it just transports me to another place. It will always be my all time favorite, I think.

(Honorable mentions are On With The Show, Kickstart My Heart, Save Our Souls, Without You…I also think Motley is the only band that I know every single song they ever released by heart.)


2. KillersIron Maiden*

This song…it is ALMOST tied with Home Sweet Home…my dad had the Killers cassette tape in his truck when I was six or seven…I came across this song and immediately fell in love with it…(I was seven)…and demanded that he replay it over and over.

I had no idea who the artist was, or was the song was about, or any of that, I just liked it. It has remained one of my all time favorite songs since then, AND my favorite song by Iron Maiden.


3. FaithfullyJourney*

Of all the beautiful songs by Journey…this is the one that grabbed me and never let me go. I listened to this almost exclusively all the way to and from Tennessee (we drove) and will never get tired of listening to it.

(Honorable mention is Lights, as that was my grandma’s favorite song.)


4. Van NuysSixx A.M.*

This entire album, The Heroin Diaries, is truly a musical masterpiece. Every single track is an experience, something to behold. But this song is my favorite out of all of them, and trust me, that was a hard decision. Nikki’s song writing, combined with James’ voice, and the instrumentals, it makes this track unforgettable.


5. Song To The SirenThis Mortal Coil

I first heard this when I was watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre…and it took me several years to actually look the song up. When I did, I instantly loved it, and have loved it ever since. The haunting vocals, and the simplicity of the song is amazing.


6. Unchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers

Special mention: Little Latin Lupe Lu

When anyone talks about ‘soul’ being in a song, or emotion, or feeling…it is impossible to not mention this song. One of the best songs of all time, it gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. Absolutely beautiful.

7. MockingbirdEminem*

The GOAT…the legend…the devil, Eminem. I thought long and hard about which song of his I wanted to include in the top 10 (there was never a question about whether I WOULD include him in the top 10)…and it came down to which song popped into my head first when thinking of Eminem…that song was Mockingbird. The emotion in this track, and the heartbreak…it is absolutely amazing. 10/10

(Honorable mentions include the rest of his songs.)

giphy (1)

8. I’ll Be Missing You (feat. 112)Diddy, Faith Evans

Number one, I believe this version to be better than Sting’s version…don’t fight me. I just love the extra emotion and strong sense of both loss and love in this recording, and it is an extremely nostalgic song for me.


9. The Show Must Go OnQueen*

Freddie Mercury’s picture is in the dictionary next to talent, legendary, amazing, and iconic. And this song ought to be right next to it. All of the Queen songs are masterpieces, but this one touches me unlike any of the others. It just has such a deeply inspirational note to it without getting cheesy or cringy. I love this song.


10. Soldier Of FortuneDeep Purple*

There are few songs that make me actually depressed when I listen to them…this is one of them. It just…infuses emotion into you. David Coverdale sings it from the heart, and it moves you. One of the best rock ballads of all time.

giphy (2)

11. HypnotizeNotorious B.I.G.

Fun fact, back when I was little, I used to think that the chorus was saying ‘Piggy’…needless to say, it dramatically changed the song for me when I discovered that they were actually saying ‘Biggie’…

Anyway, just as all of his other songs prove, Biggie is one of the best lyricists of all time, and one of the best rappers of all time.


12. Underneath Your ClothesShakira

I have always loved Shakira’s voice…and this song is amazing to me. Just the softness and intimacy in the song makes it one of her best, and my favorite by her.

giphy (3)

13. Life 101 (feat. Khrys Maxwell) – Call Me Alice

This is one of the more obscure songs on this list, but I just love the feeling in the song, and the message…the lyrics are honest, and the vocals work really well with all of it.

14. Running BearJohnny Preston

There is such a simple story here, and simple lyrics, but it makes this song no less beautiful to me. I also love the whimsical-ness of Preston’s voice. It makes the song a joy to listen to.

15. Start Wearing PurpleGogol Bordello

If I ever get drunk (and I probably won’t) it had better be to this song.


16. Love BitesDef Leppard

Joe Elliot’s voice is so unique, and this song is one of the best love songs of all time. It transports you into a place as though you are the heartbroken one. Amazing.

giphy (4)

17. HelloEvanescence

Another voice that is very unique…Amy Lee shines here. The song deals with such a heavy subject, but manages to make it delicate and beautiful.


18. Cherry BombThe Runaways

I personally love Cherie Currie’s voice, it has such a rough quality to it, and I love the lyrics of this song. One of the great female-led tracks.


19. Don’t SpeakNo Doubt

This song has such a solemn atmosphere…and it has a very high dose of nostalgia for me. I used to listen to it all the time before I ever knew who it was.


20. Picture (feat. Sheryl Crow) – Kid Rock

A great dynamic here using two singers for two different parts of the song…yet the lyrics sort of mirror each other. I love this.

21. Beauty*2Ladytron

Another more obscure song on this list…it has a very dark serious, yet interesting vibe, and I love the singer’s voice. I always picture a dark rainy street somewhere in France when listening to this song. Not sure why.

22. Un-Break My HeartTony Braxton

An absolute classic, and another one that I used to listen to before I ever knew who it was. I love this song so much.

tenor (1)

23. How Do I LiveLeAnn Rimes

My grandmother used to play this song in the car all the time, and I will always remember it just because of the gorgeous tone of Rimes’ voice.

tenor (2)

24. Ms. JacksonOutKast

More nostalgia. I listened to this before I ever even knew what the song meant, who it was by (I thought it was by Dre for awhile)…but now the song is an absolute classic for me.

tenor (3)

25. Master of PuppetsMetallica

Upon trying to decide which Metallica song to put on this list (because at least one had to be on here)…I had several ideas, before finally deciding on this one. Though I could probably put a handful of songs here, this one is my favorite song from them.

26. Break Stuff – Limp Bizkit

The ultimate angry song. This makes a great song to listen to on Monday morning.


27. Purple RainPrince 

Anyone who doesn’t like this song is wrong.


28. Goodbye HorsesQ Lazzarus

This song comes from my favorite comedy movie of all time, Clerks II. Would you fuck me? I would fuck me.


29. BitchMeredith Brooks 

ALL THE NOSTALGIA. I fucking love this song.


30. Don’t Let Me Get MeP!NK

Anyone who had self esteem issues loved this song.


31. Bad BoysInner Circle

This is like…the essence of the urban life.


32. Can’t Help Falling In LoveElvis Presley

What a soulful voice. Unforgettable.


33. No DiggityBlackstreet

This song is a favorite just because of the chorus.


34. Mourning AirPortishead

Obscure, don’t care. Love it.

35. DauoalognSigur Ros

This is the ultimate TV-show-tragic finale song.

36. DragulaRob Zombie

I first discovered this song through my obsession with Twisted Metal on the original PlayStation.


37. I Put A Spell On YouMarilyn Manson

The ultimate dark romance song.


38.  Paint It BlackThe Rolling Stones

Did the Beatles ever write a song as great as this? I don’t think so.


39. The Devil Went Down To GeorgiaThe Charlie Daniels Band

If I knew how to play the violin, which I don’t, I could absolutely play this song.


40. RealMacy Gray

First discovered this song in Domino.

41. The Woman In MeShania Twain


42. It’s Been AwhileStaind


43. HurtJohnny Cash


44. We BelongPat Benatar


45. The Thunder RollsGarth Brooks


46. Holy DiverDio


47. Carry On My Wayward SonKansas


48. Might As Well Be On MarsAlice Cooper


49. White RabbitJefferson Airplane


50. Lady Grinning SoulDavid Bowie


51. Take My Breath Away  – Berlin


52. Mama, I’m Coming HomeOzzy Osbourne


53. The Final CountdownEurope


54. Eye Of The TigerSurvivor 


55. ZombieThe Cranberries


56. American PieDon McLean 


57. The Sound Of SilenceSimon and Garfunkel 


58. StrongerBritney Spears


59. Immigrant SongLed Zeppelin


60. I Fink U FreekyDie Antwoord


61. BlindKorn


62. ProblemsLil Peep


63. Coming HomeAvenged Sevenfold


62. No Sleep Till BrooklynBeastie Boys


63. FantasyAldo Nova 


64. Wreck Of The Edmund FitzgeraldGordon Lightfoot


65. We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monae) – Fun.


67. Gangsta’s ParadiseCoolio


68. Make It Rain Ed Sheeran


69. The WandererDion


70. Toxic LoveTim Curry


71. HallelujahJeff Buckley


72. Lonely BoyThe Black Keys


73. BotherStone Sour


74. 18 And LifeSkid Row 


75. New LowMiddle Class Rut


76. B.Y.O.BSystem of a Down


77. It’s TrickyRun D.M.C.


78. We Built This CityStarship


79. This Is The TimeNothing More


80. Welcome HomeKing Diamond


81. Crazy He Calls MeBillie Holiday


82. Smooth (feat. Rob Thomas) – Santana


83. GlycerineBush


84. Your BetrayalBullet For My Valentine


85. As Heaven Is WideGarbage


86. IntuitionJewel


87. Larger Than LifeBackstreet Boys


88. BelieveCher


89. Hollaback GirlGwen Stefani


90. PonyGinuwine


91. Tears From The MoonConjure One


92. Summer NightsGrease


93. Knockin’ On Heaven’s DoorGuns N’ Roses


94. If Heaven Ain’t A Lot Like DixieHank Williams Jr.


95. Losing My GripHoobastank


96. Bang BangNancy Sinatra 


97. Close My Eyes ForeverLita Ford, Ozzy Osbourne


98. So Long, And Thanks For All The FishA Perfect Circle


99. Welcome To The Black ParadeMy Chemical Romance


100. EbudaeEnya

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