Part 3.

Ok. The final part.



First, I am going to post a general FAQ that summarizes all of the things people are generally  w r o n g  about with regards to the case. Everything posted here is a fact. FACT. Nothing that I am about to include in this FAQ is speculation. I have not made anything up. With a short Google search, you can verify all of this information yourself. 

Please refer to IFOD’s web page or the rest of my blog post for more detailed information.

So, without further ado:

Did Johnny Depp pay Amber Heard off?

No. Johnny Depp did not pay Amber Heard any money to “stay quiet”. All of the money she received in the divorce was from the divorce. She was entitled to a portion of his earnings that he made during the time they were married, as mandated by California divorce law. 

Did Amber Heard sit for her deposition?

Yes, but only after refusing to sit for several.

Did Amber Heard donate all of the money?

According to her.

Did Amber Heard give Johnny Depp an extortion letter?

Yes. Samantha Spector, on behalf of Amber Heard, sent Johnny Depp’s legal team a letter in which they demanded that Johnny pay Heard 50k a month in spousal support, provide her with a Range Rover, pay her legal fees, and provide her with three condos. If Johnny did not agree to these terms, Spector said that they would take the issue to the public eye.

Did Amber Heard leak evidence to the media?

Yes. She sold photos to People Magazine when the abuse accusations came out. 

Did Amber Heard hire a criminal defense lawyer?

Yes. As soon as Johnny provided his evidence list to the court, she hired a criminal defense lawyer. 

Does Johnny Depp have a history of domestic violence?

No. He has never been arrested, accused, or suspected of domestic violence in the past.

Was there an abuse case?

Yes. Amber Heard filed for a temporary restraining order, and eventually claimed abuse in the divorce papers. 

Was there a divorce case?


Did Amber Heard claim abuse right away?

No. Originally, she listed irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce. 

Did Johnny Depp file counter evidence in 2016?

Yes. He submitted his version of events that directly contradicted Heard’s version of the events, and his version claimed that she abused him.

What did Amber Heard win in the divorce?

She didn’t “win” anything. She was given a percentage of Depp’s earnings because under California divorce law, without a prenup, she was entitled to it. 

Did Amber Heard break the NDA?

Yes. Many times. She mentioned Johnny in several magazine articles, and has been acting as a victim from day one.

Is Johnny Depp sick?


Can women be violent?


Did Amber Heard get a restraining order?

She was granted a temporary restraining order. 

Was she denied a permanent restraining order?

Yes, and she then dropped the request with prejudice. 

Is Amber Heard a violent person?

Yes. She has admitted to physically abusing Johnny Depp and was arrested for hitting her ex-wife.

Did Amber Heard hit Tasya Van Ree?

Yes. It was witnessed by a police officer in a Seattle airport. 

Did Johnny Depp speak to the media during the divorce?

Only once, with an official statement given by Laura Wasser. 

Did Amber Heard leave Johnny Depp?

No. Johnny Depp left her. 

Did Amber Heard provide hard evidence of abuse?

No. When asked to provide digital copies of the photographs, she refused. She did not have any other hard evidence to submit.

Did Amber Heard file a police report?

Not right away, apparently at the advice of her lawyer. 

Did the police see any sign of abuse?

No. Police stated that they did not see any damage on the property, or on Heard. They left a business card for her stating that she may contact them at any time if she has more to say. 

Did Amber Heard submit the text messages into evidence?

No, nor did she list Stephen Deuters as a witness. 

Did Johnny Depp continue to ‘torment’ Amber Heard?

No. He has not tormented Amber Heard in any way, ever.

Did Johnny Depp suffer abuse from the media?


Is Johnny Depp an alcoholic?

He has admitted in the past that he has a problem with alcohol. 

Did Amber Heard look into the finances of the Hollywood Vampires?


Did Johnny Depp’s previous partners defend him?

Yes. Vanessa Paradis, Winona Ryder in particular defended him. 

Was there any evidence of him being abusive during the relationship?

No. Heard could not provide any evidence to show that he was abusive.

Can fans defend him without bias?


Does his acting talent matter in regards to the abuse case?


Did Amber Heard drop the abuse case?

Yes, with prejudice. 

Did Amber Heard’s bruises disappear?


Did the police know it was Johnny Depp’s residence when they were called there?

No, the police officers that were called to the residence did not know that it was the home of Johnny Depp, nor did they know that Amber Heard was married to Johnny Depp, since she gave them her maiden name.

Are California police officers required to make an arrest in domestic abuse cases if there is any evidence?


Did J.K. Rowling see Johnny Depp’s evidence?

Yes. In an interview with EW magazine, Johnny Depp stated that JK has seen his evidence, and believes that he is innocent.

Was Johnny Depp in the country when Amber Heard got a restraining order?


Has Johnny Depp ever been violent on set?


Did Amber Heard demand more money?

Yes. She tried to double the 7 million into 14 million.

Did Johnny Depp donate money in Amber Heard’s name?

Yes. See above.

Does Amber Heard have a PR guy?

Yes. His name is Todd Krim.

Was Johnny Depp cast as Grindelwald before the allegations?


Was the video edited?


Does the video show abuse?



As a real human person, speaking from my own experience, I have witnessed five women who were verbally and physically abusive.

I am going to change the names of these women, just for privacy reasons. Let’s go with Alice, Brenda, Marge, Beth, and Kelly.

These are the following reasons people would excuse these women for being violent and abusive:

  1. They are women.
  2. They were pushed into it.
  3. They were emotionally troubled.
  4. They were yelling/hitting a man.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Abuse has no gender. “They are women” does NOT stand as an excuse for them to be abusive. Unfortunately, many people honestly believe it does. They believe that women have the right to behave this way towards men due to the inherent belief that men OWE them something…and that women are superior to men. (There is also the inherent belief that since all men are evil, they have abuse coming to them.)

I can safely say that NONE of the women that I listed were pushed, pressured, forced, or otherwise manipulated into committing their various acts of abuse.

All of them were emotionally troubled, but this did not excuse their abusive nature. It will never excuse abusive nature.

And again, men don’t deserve to be hit or screamed at just because they are men.

If these ‘feminists’ took a step back and looked at some of the arguments they are making…they would realize that many of them are the same arguments they fight against in regards to men hitting women. “The woman deserved it”, “the man was just angry”…but they believe that a female’s abusive behavior is justified, so they indulge in hypocrisy and ignore obvious logical fallacies to prove their point.




All of the women I listed, as I have said, were abusive. Let’s start with Alice. Alice was very narcissistic. She constantly had to make everything about herself. She was hateful towards my father, and found every opportunity possible to put him down. She was manipulative of his relationship with me, and she was very vicious when it came to their arguments.

Nothing justified her behavior. Nothing justified her trying to come in between a ten-year-old-girl and her father’s relationship…nothing justified her manipulating him into buying her daughter more presents at Christmas…nothing justified her insulting my dad at every single given opportunity. None of that was justified. But you feminists keep going on with your ‘men are shit’ tirade.

Brenda. Brenda was very very emotionally abusive towards my uncle. She would scream at him, constantly try to start fights over anything and everything, she would threaten to take their kids away, she would hit him, constantly tell the rest of the family lies about him, tell them he was hitting her, screaming at her, that he was horrible to live with…when I personally witnessed her behaving this way on several occasions. She has been to jail for drug-related issues…she has seen several psychiatrists…but feminists will still believe that her behavior was my uncle’s fault. All of her abuse was my uncle’s fault. He deserved it because he is a man.

Marge. This woman was psychically abusive towards her daughter, doing things like putting her hands on a hot stove for misbehaving, burning her hands with cigarettes, pushing her down stairs, and many other ‘disciplinary’ acts. She was also very verbally abusive, telling her daughter that she was worth nothing, that she would never be anything…the list goes on. But feminists will try their hardest to justify her behavior.

Beth. This woman also tried to come between my father and I. She was trying to pit him against me from day one, telling him I was a horrible daughter and that I was less than her. She acted superior to me, and constantly tried to force my father to believe her lies.

Kelly. Kelly was the same as Brenda. Emotionally abusive and manipulative, physically abusive, and very conniving.


Just like Amber Heard is responsible for her abuse of Johnny Depp and Tasya Van Ree. 

Women can be abusive. Women can be manipulative. Women can be viscous. Women can lie.

Both women and men are on a level playing field when it comes to their capacity for being abusive. Their methods may differ here and there, but neither gender is incapable of being abusive towards another human being.

I get so tired of feminists turning a blind eye and ear to the very obvious truth that some women aren’t deserving of their support. Some women are, in fact, a problem.

Spreading the idea that women shouldn’t need to claim responsibility for malicious acts…or acting like they don’t commit them at all…this gives women like Amber Heard the opportunity to make men into victims, to make other women into victims. Feminists will continue to allow them to fall through the cracks just so they can keep pretending that all women are good and men are shit.

We need to stop dividing this into a gender issue. It is a people issue. People can be abusive. When they are abusive, they need to be held responsible.

A man is abusive: Jail.

A woman is abusive: Jail.


There is no argument you can make to fight against that.

And some feminists even go as far as CELEBRATING when women are violent, as though that is empowering and strong.



It is not that hard.

And don’t let men be hated just for the false idea that all women are good. This is misleading and untrue.


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