Upcoming Sparrabeth Stories


To start with, I will present my full Scythe’s Song plan in a chronological order style:

Title: Mortis Nostrae (Our Death)

Summary: This will be the SS-verse rewrite of DMC. I plan to make it a lot more serious, and remove some of the silliness of the film to make it darker. I like to call it the Game of Thrones treatment. The story will largely remain the same, but there will be a lot of extension and expansion on it, and some modifications. Rating will be Mature (ff.net)/Explicit (Archive).

Characters: All the normal characters of DMC will be featured. Sparrabeth is obviously the pairing.

Verse/Time Period: SS and POTC era.

Imagery: I really want this to be like an impending doom, but also very curious and exciting tone… so a lot of dark tension and other kinds of tension (sexual).

Title: Et Vita Nostra (Then Our Life)

Summary: This will be the SS-verse rewrite of AWE. This story will be massively modified (many of the same things will happen, just in different ways and in a slightly different order.) Rating will be Mature (ff.net)/Explicit (Archive).

Characters: All of the normal AWE characters, but I plan to add Anamaria to the mix. Again, Sparrabeth.

Verse/Time Period: SS and POTC era.

Imagery: This one will be very dark for the first half. A lot of pain imagery, depression, anxiety, guilt…but also a lot of mystery and sort of thriller-ish aspect. For the second half, it will get into a more exciting territory, with forgiveness and budding relationships built in.

Title: Penumbra

Summary: This will be the sequel to Scythe’s Song. I want to take this one a little more ancient. Out of the city, into tombs, ruins, caves, that kind of thing. I am thinking like…Africa, maybe some South America…we’ll see. Certainly dealing with more ancient history/mythical material. Rating will be Mature (ff.net)/Explicit (Archive).

Characters: All of the modern day SS characters, assuming they all survive SS. I will also be adding a return character from the POTC era which will remain a surprise.

Verse/Time Period: SS, and modern day.

Imagery: This one will be very mystery/puzzle…think Tomb Raider, Uncharted, The Mummy…that sort of mystery adventure.

Title: Untitled Crossover Intermission Project

Summary: I can’t reveal too much about this yet, but I plan to do a short little series (4-8 chapters) that will take place in between SS and its sequel. Rating will probably remain on the M/T side.

Characters: Again, the full cast of SS if they all survive. And a bonus character or two.

Verse/Time Period: SS, and modern day.

Imagery: Very competitive, very sarcastic, and very smart.

Title: Untitled Jack the Ripper Series

Summary: I have always been fascinated with Jack the Ripper, and I loved the idea of writing about him/her. So, I decided to write a short series within the SS-verse about the famous serial killer. It will just be a 7-8 chapter adventure with Jack and Lizzie as they stumble upon clues/leads to his/her identity. I am not sure whether I will use official theories, or if I will make up my own theory. Rating will be Mature (ff.net)/Explicit (Archive).

Characters: Jack/Lizzie and various OC’s

Verse/Time Period: 1920’s

Imagery: Gritty London atmosphere.

Title: One Shot Collection

Summary: This is a planned collection of one shots which will cover a lot of the events mentioned in SS (past events), and will also include little moments after SS, but before the sequel (holidays, dates, other moments). I thought it would be fun to write little snapshots.

Characters: Various

Verse/Time Period: Various

Imagery: Various

*Note that you can submit requests for this collection. I can’t guarantee that I will accept them all, but I will happily read and consider them.

That’s it for the Scythe’s Song plan.

These next stories will most likely remain stand-alone stories without sequels (but that can, of course, change any time).

Title: Cold Heart

Summary: This is a story that involves Lizzie jumping overboard the Pearl during AWE a week or so after they rescue Jack. Panic ensues, rescue ensues, and caring for ensues.

Characters: Regular AWE cast.

Verse/Time Period: AWE

Imagery: I want this to be a very…deep story…and I also want it to be very exploratory as far as their tension and dynamic.

Title: Fantasma

Summary: This is a story that will involve Jack and Lizzie getting together shortly after AWE (the Willabeth never happened), and then Jack dies in a ship battle. A few weeks after his death, Lizzie starts noticing strange occurrences around her house. Things moving, noises, smells. She starts to wonder…

Characters: Jack/Lizzie/Various other POTC characters

Verse/Time Period: Post-AWE

Imagery: Very mysterious, very investigative, and also a lot of elements of tragedy, loss, hope, and other various themes.

Title: Under The Sun’s Shadow

Summary: THIS is going to be a bit of a larger undertaking. I am taking Jack and Elizabeth back to Ancient Egypt. I will be writing a slightly different iteration of the characters, but they will still be recognizable. Jack will be an Egyptian Pharoah, and Lizzie will be a runaway from Greece.

(As a person who has studied Ancient Egypt for a long time, I am aware of the various customs/politics/cultural themes/other rules. I am also very aware of which of these I am going to have to ignore to make this story work.)

Characters: Jack (Egyptian name pending), and Lizzie (Iset), with various other OC’s

Verse/Time Period: Ancient Egypt

Imagery: Egypt-y things

Title: Thin Walls

Summary:  PORN WITH PLOT KIND OF. This is going to be a story set in DMC during the Isla Cruces voyage (which will be extended for the sake of this story) where Jack and Lizzie hear some interesting activities coming from the other’s cabin. They eventually confront each other.

Characters: Jack/Lizzie

Verse/Time Period: DMC

Imagery: PORN, PORN, and some more PORN. Tasteful, though.

Title: Change In The Wind

Summary: Since I love taking the original stories and going in a different direction…this will be a story about what would have happened if Jack had actually kidnapped Lizzie during his escape in Curse.

Characters: Jack/Lizzie

Verse/Time Period: Curse

Title: A Swan’s Flight

Summary: Again, this one also goes in a different direction, but from the very beginning of Curse. Lizzie runs away to Tortuga, meets Jack, and adventure/romance ensues.

Characters: Jack/Lizzie/Various

Verse/Time Period: Curse

Title: As The Snow Falls

Summary: This one is going to be Christmas-time story. It will take place in the 90’s in London. It will be a Fountain of Youth AU, similar to SS. Lizzie will be at a memorial for WWII, and she will discover that one of the captains of the British Navy looks mysteriously like Jack. Then, as she is walking out of the building, she sees a very familiar figure heading to his car.

Characters: Jack/Lizzie/Various OC’s

Verse/Time Period: 90’s

Imagery: Very Christmasy. Lots of lights, snow, and other Christmas elements.

Title: A Different Tale

Summary: Another steer in a different direction. This story explores what would happen if Jack had been made Pirate King instead of Lizzie.

Characters: AWE characters.

Verse/Time Period: AWE

Title: Inflamed

Summary: This story takes place while Lizzie is in Tortuga looking for Jack. She sees a sight of…oral nature, and becomes very curious and fascinated. And since she is about to embark on a voyage with Jack Sparrow, who better to have her curiosities focused on?

Characters: Jack/Lizzie/Various POTC characters

Verse/Time Period: DMC

Title: Loveth and C’rruption

Summary: This one will either be set during the Isla Cruces Voyage, of after AWE. Haven’t decided yet. Anyway, Lizzie goes to Jack to learn more about sex, and gets a more practical demonstration than she bargained for.

Characters: Jack/Lizzie

Verse/Time Period: To Be Decided

Title: In The Arms of Angels

Summary: I got the idea for this one while watching Lucifer. Basically, Jack kills himself after the events of AWE (slightly modified for this story), and after finding him, Lizzie does the same. They end up in Heaven together (I am not necessarily aiming for a ‘religion’ angle here, I just like the imagery, and some interesting things happen.

Characters: Jack/Lizzie/Various POTC characters

Verse/Time Period: Post-AWE

Title: Death Hast Cometh

Summary: This one takes place during the end of Curse. Lizzie isn’t allowed to witness Jack’s hanging, and is later told that it was successful. Revelations and adventure ensue.

Characters: Jack/Lizzie/Various POTC characters

Verse/Time Period: During Curse/Post Curse

Title: Pirate In The Cupboard

Summary: Oook, this one is a little bit more comedic. I actually got this idea while watching Indian in the Cupboard. If you haven’t seen that movie, basically it involves a kid named Omri receiving this cupboard for his birthday. The cupboard can turn action figures into real beings. When you put a human figure inside of the cupboard, it actually plucks a real person from their own timeline to bring them to yours.

So, what if I were to write a story starring me (well, not me, but a person inspired by me) with my own cupboard, and my own Jack/Lizzie figures? And what if they were plucked from right when she chains Jack to the mast? Essentially it will be about a Mini-Lizzie and a Mini-Jack coming to terms with what Lizzie just did while being hella confused with why the fuck I am so big, why they are so small, and where in the fuck they are.

Characters: Jack/Lizzie/Me

Verse/Time Period: Modern Day

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