I’m looking out my window right now at a tall gray water tower, a gray sky that quietly speaks of rain, and a lot full of fast-moving machines. My neck is starting to ache from the awkward angle, but I barely realize it. All I can absorb is the melancholy of the day, the vastness of the world outside…and the absolute uncertainty of my life.

A slight headache is starting to throb in my head, and I do notice that…but barely. The thoughts narrowly missing each other as they race back and forth mask it for the most part.

I think about everything. I think about the red flashing light on my work phone that has been flashing for almost a year because I never bothered to check the welcome message on my voicemail. I think about where I am in life…a 27-year-old sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen in an office with 47 other people doing the same exact thing.

I think about the jar of peanuts next to me that I got at the sporting goods store…they are called ‘Peanuts from Hell’, and after having tasted a few of them, I can confidently say that they deserve the name.

I consider whether wondering and thinking are the same thing…wondering kind of has a peaceful innocent connotation to it, while thinking, thinking is technical, cold…mechanical.

Wondering can take you to many magnificent places, because you just let your mind fly without barriers, without boundaries. You can wonder what it might have been like to walk down the streets of Paris in 1856, you can wonder about the moment the wheel was invented, you might wonder how Martin Luther King Jr. might have felt as he said “I Have A Dream”…

Wonder can take you to the top of Mt. Everest, and it can take you to the bottom of the Marianas Trench… or it can take you back to your own bed with the soft blankets and squishy pillows. It can take you anywhere you want to go.

But thinking…thinking takes you to the places that you need to go. The hard places…the places where you might struggle, sometimes for a long time, and sometimes for only a few seconds. Thinking unravels the knots in your mind, and smooths the wrinkles in your world, and everyone’s world.

Thinking is neutral, and thoughts are powerless until they are acted upon, but having the power to make thoughts, to shape and form, is wonderful.

It’s when wondering and thinking come together that the real magic happens. You can wonder if you will ever make it to see the crystalline blue shores of the Caribbean, and then you realize that if you start to plan, arrange, think, you can. You can smell the mist from the waves as they crash onto the beach, you can see the sun shine all the way to the sea bed…

If you think, wondering becomes reality.

At some point, somewhere, a person wondered why it was okay to hit men, a person wondered why men weren’t supposed to cry, why men weren’t supposed to feel. That person wondered where on the timeline men because less than women.

And then they thought…how can we change that?

We became part of that answer.

Unity, truth…in a time where falsehood is popular and division is commonplace, is rare.

It is no longer the status quo to fight for what you believe in…the status quo is to fight for what will make you popular, for what will make you money, and for what will make you powerful.

“The time is here for you to stand up for what you know is right. You must judge right from wrong. No longer can you be complacent or go with the flow or wonder what to do. You must decide now which path you will follow and which answer you will give. Decide well in advance, before the pressure is on, what you stand for.” – Margaret D. Nadauld

The world has become messy, chaotic, and people have forgotten how to think, because they want the thinking done for them. They don’t want to have to choose between what is right and wrong.

But we, us, everyone that has devoted time and energy, thoughts, wondering, dreaming, to defending a man from the mess that is this world…from a world that believes men deserve to be hit and that women can and should hit them…we defy the status quo.

We stand up and say no, men deserve support, they deserve to expect happiness, they deserve to love life…not to wake up every morning and think about everything they should just deal with.

We stand up against misinformation, against falsehood, and we maintain the truth in the face of all that wishes the truth to be buried.

We say that men and women deserve to be equal.

And we say that a man is innocent based on facts, based on a thorough examination of the case presented to us, we defend that man against everyone who would like to see us transform into sheep and go with the herd…

We defend that man because it is the right thing to do.

I am so proud to be a part of that we, a part of the we that supports Johnny Depp. I am so proud to be a part of a we that stands together for three long years to fight against a corrupt society that prefers men to be casualties in the war for social justice.

I am proud that we have never given up, and I am proud that we are going to win…that by fighting, we have already won.

Men are people too, and all people have struggles.

We say that men shouldn’t have to fight them alone.

We say that we need to keep fighting.

We don’t feed the beast.

We stay focused.

And we think.

Thank you to every single one of you that has stood strong until now, that refused to give in.

Keep going.

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